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Black Car Service

Key Lockout Service

We comprehend the frustration of locking your keys inside your car, especially when they are visible on the car seat. Attempting to retrieve them independently may lead to vehicle damage without the right tools. At Uxbridge Towing, we are well-equipped and experienced to open your car door safely, and recover your keys without causing harm to your vehicle.

While some may resort to using a bent coat hanger or tape to slide down the window, these makeshift methods carry the risk of damaging the window weather strip or the mechanics of the automatic window track.

Recognizing the urgency, we understand that you might be pressed for time, whether heading to work or rushing to a destination. Our drivers prioritize a swift response, ensuring you are not left waiting for a speedy resolution.

Contact Uxbridge Towing today for a complimentary quote over the phone, allowing us to safely retrieve your keys and expedite your return to the road.

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